Thursday, April 5, 2007


Mummygirl finally got MSN, add me at But still do contact me at for business contacts.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Well I guess some people out there are bored to death, without me updating this blog of mine. Well SMOOCHIES to my fellow readers of mine. I am sorry for the lack of updates.

I have indeed spend my time well with Z, it was a nice enjoyable and sensual holiday treats. Currently my mailbox is full, still deciding about who to go first. So far, many guys have quoted me the prices but then, I am still screening for the right one.

My birthday is coming soon in a week time. I have not prepared much yet. Soon to hit 19 and I am so broke. I want that Dior bag so much, I want my Prada shoes. Daddy hasn't come back from his 2 months overseas work. Mummy has been real busy. Z is somewhere in Southeast now. DAMNNNN, I am desperated for luxurious goods.

These few days, I went to club at loads of places. I thought I saw T at Zouk somewhere last week because I feel so connected when I saw this particular person. Well, T is a real good friend of mine. I had not seen her in person yet but saw her photos and she does display these very special aura around her.

Couldn't describe much but maybe like what she says, "We had somehow been connected since the last lifetime." Somehow I agree but she is indeed much more fortunate than me.

Well, dolling up now as later, I will be meeting the girls for a retail therapy session. SO BROKE. Anyone care to help a little?

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I was so shagged after the midnight shopping and the sexericse I was having. T dropped me an email to send me her regards and too, asking how she would be able to help me. She's so lucky. Both of us seems so identical and she could somehow read my mind through the words I typed. However she is the more fortunate one as she had a doting boyfriend to stand by her whereas for me, I had tons of guys standing by me, waiting to fuck me hard. I really admire her courage when she told me that her guy was 8 years senior than her. I can't imagine spending my lifetime with someone like this, is like those ah peks with their young china/vietnam/etc.. wifes. So disgusting, if I would to spend my lifetime with a guy, he must the most 5 years older. Older men are good enough to be my suagrdaddy. Well, I dropped an email in her mailbox, waiting for her reply anxiously as I could get her online. Right now, I am using Z's lappie to blog and watching porn while he took a dip at the swimming pool below. =)

I can't wait to get eaten up by him. Ohya, he will be going Vietnam for 2 months after this trip, thus I need to spend time alone for myself.

Business as been bad, I didn't get anymore emails in so PEOPLE, please send me an email if you need company. AND DO STATE YR PRICE. I am a money-minded person but no doubt that I will bring you to heaven as I am the... professional one. =)